Customer Reviews

S. Leith Belton, MO.

“I thought you did a fantastic job! I gave both extra cards to the park manager. This is my best investment so far this year.”

S. Estlund Kansas City, MO.

“Steve/Bulldog Inspection Services was recommended to me (highly recommended) by another woman I know who purchased a home on her own. She assured me he was thorough, knowledgeable and honest. He exceeded my expectations: Steve was very prompt – he was able to inspect the house within days, he was thorough and explained every aspect of the house/foundation/HVAC/roof/past termite treatments, he thoroughly explained his concerns as well as the “good bones” of the house. I didn’t feel foolish asking him the most remedial questions and he never seemed to be in a hurry – he answered all my questions and spoke with my realtor and I until I felt comfortable with my understanding of the house inspection. He was extremely professional, reading over the seller’s disclosure and asking my Realtor questions along the way. I mentioned all appliances were coming with the house and he tested all of those as well. The same evening, I received the inspection via email. The inspection itself was very professional, organized and easy to understand. One thing that stuck out in my mind was how personable yet professional his demeanor remained the entire time. I will definitely recommend Steve to friends and family!”

M. Stone Reece & Nichols Realty

“Steve, thank you for a thorough inspection yesterday and the report this morning. We appreciate your thoroughness. Will definitely recommend you to other agents and buyers.”

K. Halterman Keller Williams Realty

“Steve, I was very pleased with the inspection. It went very smooth and I feel you educated the buyer on things they were not familiar with so they felt very comfortable. I will definitely recommend you to other clients.Kind regards”

J. Marshall Kansas City, MO.

Hi Steve, Just want to thank you very much for the thorough inspection and prompt, professional report you produced for the house I am considering buying. I have several other professionals lined up to give me hard number quotes for the repairs you suggested and hopefully will be taking a decision as to whether or not I can go forward with this project soon! Appreciate all your help."

J. Benjamin Merriam, KS.

“Steve, yes to all your questions. There were several things that I found special: attention to detail, willingness to answer questions and show the important features of the house that will be important when I’m living in it; and how quickly we received your written report.Thank you, Steve, it was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to recommending your service.”

D. Smith Olathe, KS.

“Thank you Steve. I’m very excited to move to this house. I appreciate your help.”

B. Morgan Grandview, MO.

“Thanks, Steve. We appreciate the work you did.”

A. Waters Gladstone, MO.

“Huge thanks for an awesome inspection. Professionalism is outstanding! And thank you for making my home inspection experience a great one! I posted a review on Google and Facebook. I will be sure to recommend your company to others.”

A. Kendrick Kansas City, MO.

"Thank you, Steve, for the fast turnaround. Look forward to working with you in the future."